Heartfelt Thanks

Heartfelt Thanks

To our Flying X Ranch Family -

Words cannot begin to convey how humbled, honored and touched Ray and I are by your love, friendship and generosity last night.

Over the years since 2004 you have welcomed us into your lives. We have watched each other's children and grandchildren grow, shared

celebrations and heartbreaks, delicious meals, cigars, Scotch, horseback rides, games and lots of laughter!

We've fought fires together - those that physically threatened the Ranch and those that threatened the FXR way of life.

We've shared pictures and sightings of our wonderful wildlife and the joy of seeing McGill's Longhorns coming in or going out of the Ranch.

We've inspired and encouraged one another in creating magical spaces like the FXR Garden or making a quilt to benefit our wonderful

Hunting with Heroes and Family Weekend projects. We've discussed diverse books, political views and where the elk, deer and antelope

are during hunting season as well as stealing each other's treasured White Elephant gifts at the annual Christmas Party. (Okay, stealing is

a strong word as taking someone else's gift is a part of the rules but some among us hold grudges from year to year!)

Above all, we've gained lifelong friendships and have all become a part of the community that is truly a family - the Flying X Ranch!

Ray and Michelle