Web Page News

Welcome to the website! Please note that the reservation function of the website is not functional yet. Please contact the office to reserve cabins, horses, and so forth.

  • All lease agreements must now go to the Board for review before they are considered active! Please contact the office for more information.
  • Partners will need to use the "create new account" option if you have not logged in to this new site yet. Once you do that, you will get an email when your new account has been approved. The login information from the old site did not transfer from the old site to the new. We are also asking that minor children of Partners do not request a login account. Parents/adults only due to the nature of some of the capabilities we will use for the future (such as reservations).
  • Also note that this site is not fully loaded with content as yet. The content is being managed soley by volunteer Partner efforts right now and may take a while to get content fully loaded. For questions about any forms needed (such as HAC forms, Partnership transfer forms, Rule/Regs, and so forth), contact the Ranch Office by phone or email: fxr@myfxr.com