May 2020 Board Meeting

Saturday, May 23, 2020 - 12:00pm

May Open Board Meeting Notice
May 23, 2020
Ranch House Patio...Unless changed due to weather (move to the Ranch Shop Building) or postponed (again) by government action.

From Mike Saylor, Board Chairman
May 13, 2020

Let me start with a quick apology and explanation of how/why our Board communications have recently been so hit and miss with the partners. This website has been kicking-out partners (me), requiring various work arounds. Summarize by calling it “user error” in my case. My own firewall (a VPN) was preventing me from accessing for longer than I want to admit. Likewise my e-mail going through the HughesNet/myfxr e-mail server has been failing with regularity. We believe the solution is now known. We need to spend more money for the HughesNet upgrade.

But for now, I am back on the grid and trying to play catch-up.

Your Board of Directors has actually been quite busy since our last face to face meeting in February. Possibly more so than if we had been on a normal, non-COVID schedule. We managed to hammer-out a recommended 2020-2021 Budget that you will see in a few days in the AGM Packet. Over the past eleven weeks we have been able to keep up with routine share transfers, monitoring our financial position and wrapping-up winter projects in preparation for the peak season…whatever that looks like. And trying to conduct normal activity in an abnormal world.

The Ranch is open, subject to ever-changing governmental Directives and commonsense behaviors on the part of the partners and staff. Everyone is reminded to respect each other’s space and personal concerns about distancing. Other than that, enjoy the ranch. If you are uncertain about what "enjoy" means, ask staff what activities we/Governor Gordon are either discouraging or allowing.

The Board wants to resume normal business and prepare for the upcoming AGM next month by having an Open and “Live” May Board Meeting. Normally the monthly meeting would occur this Saturday, the 16th. But as you well-know the current Wyoming Directives are triggered at Midnight on Friday the 15th. They will either expire or be extended with changes. Most likely we will see slackening of those Directives, but have no idea how any changes could affect a meeting on our patio twelve hours later. I don’t want to call a meeting for this Saturday and then cancel or postpone it that morning on account of the Governor.

So, we are moving the May Board meeting to Saturday, May 23, 2020 at noon on the Ranch House Patio. By then we will have an idea of how to set up for a group, or in the alternative, how to set up for a “hybrid” meeting that would be partly live and partly via audio call. One thing we feel certain of...the Ranch does not have the internet bandwidth to accomplish a Zoom or similar video conference, so whatever we do will be either full-live, or hybrid-audio.

Meantime we all await the action of the Wyoming Governor and his Health Department for the next round of precautions. Many states are resuming near-normal workplace and dining activity and we are very hopeful that the May Open Board Meeting will give us insight into how to effectively put-on an AGM meeting that routinely accommodates over 100 partners.

Rather than speculate now, I’ll share what I get from the authorities later this week, via this website.

And as always, if you are feeling in the dark about Ranch goings-on please call the office and ask.

Mike Saylor