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Board Meeting April 2021

The April agenda is available in the partner resources section. Due to the weather it has been changed to a Zoom meeting. The link for the meeting is also attached. 

Partner Storage Update


As I hope you have heard, the storage unit has been taken apart and all the property moved out.  It appears most of the damage was on the side in which we could see it was collapsed.  Overall, it also appears the damage was minimal compared to what could have been.  I do not want to minimize any damage, but I think we had feared it was going to be much worse.  It appears there are broken windshields and windows more than anything.  Right now, the property is across from where the storage shed was but may be moved both to allow for space and to protect it, particularly if you will not be able to come to the Ranch for some time.  Brian took many pictures if you need this for your insurance claim and damaged property is not being moved any farther than was necessary.  The roads are passable although I have heard we still have quite a bit of snow and mud.  Feel free to collect your things.  If something that is not yours is included in your "pile" (for lack of a better word), please leave it there and let the office know and we can try to find out who's it is.  If something is missing, please let the office know and we will put the word out.  We do know that some things may have been moved around.  Call if you have any questions.  

Thanks for your patience while we figured this out and we will now be looking at rebuilding and would love input from everyone who will continue renting space.  


Kathi Grier