Welcome to the website! Please note that the reservation function of the website is not functional yet. Please contact the office to reserve cabins, horses, and so forth.

Hunting with Heroes this year is Cancelled

Our Hero family has had a family emergency and is not able to hunt this year. There is not enough time to schedule another hunter. 

Road Closures

The new (2022-23) fence line trails up top; Robb's Scenic Biway, Mountain Pass and Stahl's Northern Boundary will be closed September 25 - October25 to allow for migration of big game for hunting season. This will be an annual event. 

2023 Hunting with Heroes Meet and Greet

We will be having coffee and dessert with our Heroes on October 2, 2023 @ 7pm.  If you're on ranch and want a chance to meet them, pop on in and say hello!