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July Covid Restrictions

COVID-19 Requirements for Flying X Ranch for compliance with Wyoming law
June 27, 2020 (please note that these requirements are subject to update at any time)
July 4th Festivities
Due to COVID-19, Wyoming has been under an Order which, most recently, prohibited gatherings of over 50 people. The current Order, although subject to change, is in place through June 30, 2020. Covid cases are significantly increasing in Wyoming (and the United States). Therebefore, all Ranch sponsored 4th of July activities including, but not limited to, Bingo, BBQ, and the Dance have been canceled. The playground is closed, and it is the parents/guardian’s responsibility to make sure their children do not use it. It is anticipated the equine activities will continue as regularly scheduled.
The following restrictions shall remain in place:
a. A 6-foot distance must be maintained between individual groups at all times, including but not limited to entrances, exits, and restrooms;
b. The number of people in any confined area of the event must be limited to allow for adequate distancing between households;
c. Close contact between members of different household is prohibited:
d. In the event the required 6 feet distance between individuals cannot be maintained, face coverings must be worn during the event, to the greatest extent possible;
e. Participants shall not congregate in groups larger than 50 individuals;
f. The event should follow the public health recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and the Wyoming Department of Health, including washing hands often with soap and water, practicing social distancing by avoiding close contact with others, avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth, covering your cough or sneeze into your elbow or by using tissue, and wearing face coverings in public;
1. No more than 15 people shall be in the Ranch House at any time (including staff);
2. We encourage everyone to wear a mask.
3. If you use any common area, such as the restroom, please use the provided cleaner on any surfaces you touched. We need everyone’s help to make sure the Ranch House and surrounding area remains clean.
We have been advised that if there is a group over 50 individuals congregating, we are subject to criminal and civil liability, including but not limited to, closure of the Flying X Ranch. If anyone is involved in an activity which includes more than 50 individuals, the Board may, and likely will, revoke Ranch privileges. Although this may sound severe, the possible penalties for the Ranch are severe and everyone is required to comply with the terms of the Governor and Albany County’s Orders. Please understand that the Governor/County can change the Orders at any time, particularly if a spike in cases is seen.
We are asking that everyone read and interpret the restrictions for yourself. Please visit:

Election Results

Dear Partners,

Thank you to all of you that were in attendance at the Annual General Partnership meeting and Special meeting this past Saturday.

The budget for 2021 passed as submitted by the Board. 

The following partners were elected to the Board of Directors; Allison Bryson, Chloe Butler and Thom Yaras. Those of you that were in attendance know that there was a tie for the 4th place, which will hold the 1 year position vacated by Bob Prichard. The tie was between Chris Carlson and Michael Hall. A runoff election was going to be held, however, Michael Hall has made the decision to withdraw his name from consideration. Chris Carlson's term will be for 1 year.

Immediately following the special meeting the new board members held an organizational meeting to elect officers. Due to the high turnover of officer positions and one member of the board not yet determined, the board determined to elect officers for a three month period in order to allow board members to get to know each other better and allow the 9th Board member to have a voice in the officer roles. All officer positions, except for the President, will be revisited at the September meeting. In the interest of continuity for the employees the President role will not be revisited in September. 

The following officers were elected:

Kathi Grier-Cooper - Board Chair

Gary Hughes - Board President

Amanda Wellborn - Vice President

Leslie Sutherland - Treasurer

Allison Bryson - Secretary

**** The time for the July Board meeting has been moved to 12:00 pm on July 18th on the patio to accommodate a board member time conflict.*****


Allison Bryson

Board Secretary


UPDATE Re: Annual General Meeting - AGM and Special Meeting set June 13, 2020 starting at noon

Flying X Ranch Partners 

The AGM is set for June 13, 2020.  The Board is planning on proceeding with the AGM and Special Meeting due to the recent change in Wyoming State’s Public Heath Orders.  

Due to COVID-19, Wyoming has been under an Order which, most recently, prohibited gatherings of over 25 people.  The State has changed the Order effective May 27, 2020 which will allow for events up to 250 people with specific conditions.  One primary condition is that non-household groups must maintain social distancing throughout the event and if distance cannot be maintained, a mask is to be worn.  

Although this will be difficult, the board does believe that we qualify as an event and are planning a COVID compliant AGM and Special Meeting.  This meeting would include any partner who wants to participate and vote. 

Please understand that the Governor can change the Orders at any time, particularly if a spike in cases is seen.  Additionally, the County may enter restrictions as well.  Therefore, due to factors beyond our control, the meeting date may need to change.  If this does occur, we will provide notice as soon as possible.    

PLEASE do not come the Ranch if you have a fever or any COVID symptoms.  Upon check in for the meeting, everyone will need to verify that they are not experiencing symptoms.   

More information will be provided to the membership regarding the restrictions as quickly as possible.  However, we are asking that everyone read and interpret the restrictions for yourself.  Please visit: 


Again, we are working on getting additional information out the partnership so please check back regularly.