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November Flying Xtra

The Flying Xtra for November is now available.  It will be posted in the resource section of our website and copies will be placed on the partner counter as well.  :)



2021 Hunt draw results


Landowner:     Charlie Cooper                 Alternates:   1. Tom Foran

                       Mark Cummings                                   2. Fred Garliech


Landowner:     Will Garin                         Alternates:   1.  David Ammann

                       Fred Chamberlain                                 2.  Kent Needham

Management:  Eric Stelnicki

                       Rex Tuggle

                       Devin Ammann

                       Leslie Sutherland

                       Kevin VanZee

                       Paul Bartholf


Management:   Earl Juhl

                        Jason Harlan

                        Jason Wellborn

                        Gary Hopkins


Landowner:      Jeff Chamberlain                 Alternates: 1.  Matt Rausch

                        Charles Bellerby                                   2.  Brett Estabrook


Management:   Matt Rausch

                        Eric Chamberlain

                        Charlie Cooper

                        Fred Chamberlain

                        Kevin McDonald



Memorial Quilt

Hi Everybody,

Some of the ranch ladies are working very hard on a new memorial quilt.  Upon reviewing the list, they realized that a few partners had been left off.  When and if you get a chance, please take a look the list and let us know if someone has been left off.  The list will be available during the board meeting tomorrow, October 17, 2020 and will also be posted in the sources section of this website so that you can pull it up.  Thank you :)