Welcome to the website! Please note that the reservation function of the website is not functional yet. Please contact the office to reserve cabins, horses, and so forth.

Update on Water in the Mobile Home Park

The water is back on in all of the Mobile Home Park and Cabin area EXCEPT on Mule Deer and Fawn Rd. The water on those two roads will likely not be back on until early next week.

For now, the water in the rest of the Mobile Home Park is non-potable. Please bring drinking water or you can fill containers of drinking water at the ranch house.

Thank you for your patience!

Board meeting April 16, 2022 at 9AM

Instructions for attending the April FXR Board meeting by Zoom are posted in the Partner Resources section of website.

Partner Work Weekend 2022

Hello All,

Just a quick reminder that partner work weekend is April 23rd and 24th, 2022. We have a long list of things we could use some help with. We are also asking that if any partners have a dump trailer that they don't mind bringing up, we could use them as well. Some of our projects include:

*Raking/cleaning/picking up sticks in the barn and saddling areas.

*Painting horse corrals and fences with used oil or creosote paint to keep horses from chewing on the wood.

*Oiling saddles

*Cleaning trails (Longhorn and Black Canyon)

*Picking up trash all through the ranch

*Rock and twine removal out in Sommers and Horse pastures

*Willow removal on dams.

*Tree trimming along the road.

*Hanging leaving the Flying X Ranch signs

*Cleaning the pool deck

*Leaf and branch removal around ranch house-this is a big job

*People to help with meals.

*Clean Cottonwood Campground

*Clean Ranch house gutters

*Work on the garden

We will be providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the 23rd, and breakfast and lunch on the 24th. Please call the office to sign up for meals by April 13, 2022 so we have a general idea of how many to feed. It's been a long winter and it will be so good to see everyone!

See you soon!!!  :) Carla