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Last year in the regular draw for the REGION J General deer tag, there were more applicants than tags issued, normally there are leftover tags but as western hunting gets more popular so the does the demand for tags. According to the Game and Fish website, if you had one preference point you were still at 100% draw odds, therefore it is highly recommended that you purchase a preference point so you can enjoy deer hunting at the ranch for the 2022 deer season. The deadline to purchase a preference point is October 31st and you can do so on the Game and Fish website. *NOTE-This does not apply if you have one of the landowner deer tags as it is a guaranteed tag*

September partner financial statements for October

The partner financial statements for the period ending September 30, 2021 have been uploaded into the resource section.  These financials are for the October 2021 board meeting.  Have a nice day!


October Board Meeting

The documents for the October Board meeting have been added to the resource section of the website.