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Partner Work Weekend

Huge shoutout to all the partners that spent a great deal of time and energy working this weekend. Some of the projects that were accomplished are: clean-up outside the Ranch House, willow removal, cleaned storage out of the cabins and donated furniture, gun range clean-up, library organized and cleaned, AGM packets completed, garden clean-up, meals for everyone, and a few more that I cannot remember as everyone was so busy. It was great to see everyone and THANK YOU so much for all your hard work.

 Kathi Grier-Cooper- Board Chairman

NOTICE of Upcoming Water System Maitenance

Partners, please note sometime in the next two weeks we will be shutting down the water in the mobile home park to conduct maintenance. Due to the nature of issues, we cannot predict how long the water will be out. We will put up notices on the website, Facebook page, doors of the Ranch House and check-in area when we know what day we will shut the water off. 

We will do our best to minimize the time the water is off. During this time the water will still be on at the cabins, Ranch House and Kings Canyon Bathrooms. 

Thank you for your understanding.

FXR Management

Board Meeting Agenda for May 2021

The agenda for the May, 2021 Board Meeting Open Session is available in the Partner Resources section.