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Videos and photos available from March snowstorm

Partners, Jason Simons lent us his drone and took pictures and videos of the damage to the partner storage shed. At the same time, Jason also got a flyover of the mobile home and RV area.

To access the links, please login and view the Partner Resources section of the website.

Condition of Halleck Canyon Road

Hello All,

As of 4pm today Halleck Canyon Rd still hasn't been plowed.  Hopefully tomorrow the county will have worked their way out to us.  Please do not attempt to drive out here until the road has been cleared.  We understand your frustration as we have been unable to leave the ranch since the storm hit.  As soon as we have an update, we will be sure and let all of you know :)  Stay safe!


Independent pasture reviews

Hello All,

As many of you know, we recently had two independent reviews done of the pastures here on the ranch.  The reports have been uploaded to resources in the FAQ section. 
Thank you!!