Welcome to the website! Please note that the reservation function of the website is not functional yet. Please contact the office to reserve cabins, horses, and so forth.

Reminders and Updates

June 20, 2021

Good evening FXR Partners,

As we bring Father’s Day weekend to a close, we have a few reminders and updates:

Vehicles and Horses:

Partners in vehicles. Please remember all Motorized Vehicles must stop for horseback riders, at least 50-yards away and turn off your engine, do not resume until the riders are well past or if the riders wave you on you may pass. 


The Padgett Cabin overnight ride has been cancelled because so few partners signed up for the ride and camping. 

Reservations for the July 4th BBQ are due by June 28th, there is a sign up sheet in the ranch house or you can email fxr@myfxr.com. If you wish to participate in the Arena games and need to reserve a horse please email Daniel by Friday, July 2nd at equine@myfxr.com


Due to high fire danger please mow around your residence. If you would like to have the ranch mow for you, please contact the office. The ranch charges $40 per lawn to mow and an additional $10 if you would like trimming done. PLEASE NOTE: Any lawns not mowed by July 5th will be mowed by the ranch and the partner will be charged for the work done. 


We have been approached by several partners offering to volunteer on projects. And we have decided it would  be very helpful and a wonderful way for you to be of service to your ranch. From time to time we will be announcing things we could use a help with.

We are looking for volunteers to pick up the mail at our mailbox down at the highway. We get mail Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. This will help Carla and Brea as then they won’t have to make the round trip to get mail 3 times per week. If, from time to time, you would like to help out, please contact Carla for details.




2021 Annual General Meeting Agenda

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2021 June BOD Open session Agenda

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