Welcome to the website! Please note that the reservation function of the website is not functional yet. Please contact the office to reserve cabins, horses, and so forth.

Ranch House Closed

Effective 12/09/2020 the Ranch House will be closed until further notice by order of the Board of Directors. It is being closed based on the new orders from the Govenor in order to help prevent the spread of COVID. You may check in and out via email (fxr@myfxr.com) or phone (307-322-9626). The cabin bathrooms remain open at this time but we requesting that you clean up after yourselves with the provided supplies. Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience. 

Current Covid Restrictions

Albany County currently has a mask mandate for public places.  Please see this directive.  This is currently in place.





Attached is the most recent COVID order from Gov. Gordon.  This one limits gatherings to 25 people again.  This goes into effect on 11/24/2020.  



Equine Advisory Committee Report

The report and recommendations from the EAC to be reviewed at the November meeting are available on the resource page.