Election Results

Dear Partners,

Thank you to all of you that were in attendance at the Annual General Partnership meeting and Special meeting this past Saturday.

The budget for 2021 passed as submitted by the Board. 

The following partners were elected to the Board of Directors; Allison Bryson, Chloe Butler and Thom Yaras. Those of you that were in attendance know that there was a tie for the 4th place, which will hold the 1 year position vacated by Bob Prichard. The tie was between Chris Carlson and Michael Hall. A runoff election was going to be held, however, Michael Hall has made the decision to withdraw his name from consideration. Chris Carlson's term will be for 1 year.

Immediately following the special meeting the new board members held an organizational meeting to elect officers. Due to the high turnover of officer positions and one member of the board not yet determined, the board determined to elect officers for a three month period in order to allow board members to get to know each other better and allow the 9th Board member to have a voice in the officer roles. All officer positions, except for the President, will be revisited at the September meeting. In the interest of continuity for the employees the President role will not be revisited in September. 

The following officers were elected:

Kathi Grier-Cooper - Board Chair

Gary Hughes - Board President

Amanda Wellborn - Vice President

Leslie Sutherland - Treasurer

Allison Bryson - Secretary

**** The time for the July Board meeting has been moved to 12:00 pm on July 18th on the patio to accommodate a board member time conflict.*****


Allison Bryson

Board Secretary